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What is Outdoor learning

A Few Words

Outdoor Learning

What is Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning  is a broad term used to describe all types of learning, play, experience, and adventure,   

Outdoor learning allows the learner to connect with the natural environment whilst learning about themselves, each other, and their place in the living world.  It can be non organised play, journeys into the wilderness, adventure and sporting challenges, or curriculum-linked activities that promote ESDGC ( Education for Sustainable Development).



How is Outdoor Learning Beneficial

In a 24/7 technology-saturated world, stepping into nature allows us to switch off, escape the stresses and strains of modern life and rebalance. Research increasingly shows that being outdoors increases overall wellbeing both physically and mentally. 

Outdoor learning increases engagement by offering experiential learning,  allowing participants to gain a deeper appreciation of the planet, living systems, and our place in the web of life.  It can also help develop skills, behaviour, and perceptions and allows children to manage risk, problem solve, and promotes working together.


A Few Words About Us

Hi, my name is Jo Goddard and I would like to welcome you to Go Explore Learn. 

My love of the environment started as a small child,  thanks to my dad who shared his passion for the  outdoors and our local woodland.  Throughout my career I have been privileged to work in some exceptional places and inspiring roles,  teaching children and adults about sustainability and the wonders of our beautiful planet. 

After graduating from Swansea University I  worked for  10 years as part of the City and County’s Sustainable Development team co-ordinating ESDGC and shaping Welsh environmental  policy and framework.    For the past 9 years I have worked at the National Botanic Garden of Wales,  developing their  outdoor curriculum activities, teaching and advising on ESDGC and  outdoor education.   

I set up  Go Explore Learn as a bespoke education company delivering   high quality, engaging , curriculum linked learning programmes.   I am passionate about  allowing  learning  to be ands on and  believe the outdoors allows each child and person, regardless of their ability or age,  the chance to  develop, explore and display their unique talents.     By engaging with the environment, we develop a deep appreciation of our natural world and learn how  our interdependence shapes the future health of our planet.


Go Explore Learn is a  fully insured company, , I am First Aid trained and have a full  DBS.   I am also a  qualified mindfulness in the outdoors teacher.   

Making the Most of Your school Grounds

Let us Help.

If you’re looking to revamp your existing growing space, build and plan a new area or just looking for ideas on how to make your school grounds more outdoor education-friendly let Go Explore Learn plan your vision. 

We offer consultation services and advice to help you make the most of your outdoor area.  We also offer a range of workshops that can support you’re growing and planting.  These interactive, fun, and engaging programmes support curriculum delivery and experiential learning.  

Plan Me, Plant Me, Grow Me

Gives you all the advice and help need to plan, plant, and grow for success during the school year. Pupils will learn how to plan their plot, learn how to sow seeds, and understand why growing our own food is so important.

The life of a Seed                           

Find out why seeds are so fantastic! Learners will find out what is inside a seed by dissecting and the function of each part.   The pupils will sow seeds that can be nurtured and planted out in your school grounds.   

The life cycle of flowers                      

Take the journey of the seed further and learn about the life cycle of a flowering plant.   Explore each stage where pupils will dissect and label a flower to learn what the functions of each part are for and understand the role of pollinators.  

Buzzy Bee Big Adventure             

Find out why pollinators are so important to the future of the planet.  Learn how and why we need these amazing creatures to ensure we get our fruit and veg, how we can support them in our homes and schools, and make a bug b&b for them to overwinter in.   

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